What is Kaviar Kavalactone?

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What's This Kavalovetone Capsule?Rick Wolf asked: How come I have seen pictures from two different people claiming to sell 84% kavalactone liquigels that look exactly like the ones i just received from you? They are exactly the same, the color of the gel capsule varies from yellow to milky in the picture from the wholesaler just like the ones I received from you. Do you sell your product to wholesalers? How come their kava pills looked exactly like the ones I received from you?

Makaira says: We are probably not the only ones in the world who sell kavalactone liquigels, and since the product contained within the liquigels is an extract from the kava plant, any product made in a similar manner will most likely have a similar look. I cannot vouch for anyone else’s product, but we do not hold any kind of patent on the actual process of encapsulating the liquigels. I know that we are one of the few who produce them, because most manufacturers do not want to deal with sticky mess that comes with the manufacture of this wonderful product. We DO wholesale to other sellers, but not as a private label kava product; we only wholesale it with our company name on it. Hope this helps!

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  1. Kaviar is a mass produced product. If you look at their photos of their kavalactone liquigels, you will see how spotty the colors are. This is an indication of the quality of the extract, and although manufacturers often say whatever they wish in relation to the quality of their products, looks often can tell you a great deal. Our true 84% Kavalactone Liquigels are a solid milky-yellow color due to the consistency in the extract, we use pesticide-free and organic kava, our liquigels are non-animal, and we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    In the images we saw of Kaviar, the material inside looked clear, with a few spotty dots of milky-yellow. We are going to purchase some for ourselves to do some testing, and will post the results on our website when the testing is complete. Hope this helps! – Aloha no, Makaira

  2. What is the company name. The people that I have seen selling it are referring to it as Kaviar. Do you know anything about this?


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