Why We Use Only the Roots

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farm_kava-roots-driedQuestions seem to come in waves here at Kona Kava Farm.  The current question we’re getting asked a lot (again) is whether or not we use only Kava roots in our products.  This is perhaps the easiest answer for us to provide, and it’s an answer that will cover any reputable Kava manufacturer:  Any company who adheres to GMP manufacturing standards (as Kona Kava Farm, KavaDotCom and KV Naturals, Inc. have always done), if any Kava company cares about their customers in the slightest, they wouldn’t dream of using anything other that root material to manufacture any Kava product…period.

I can’t stress this enough to ease people’s minds about this simple point:  Anyone who has integrity and is on the commercial Kava market circuit won’t even provide anything other than Kava roots as a Kava supplier.  We visit our growers all the time, and they flinch when we tell them stories about how a few bad apples in the Kava industry ruined it for the rest of us by cutting corners and adding stems and leaves to their Kava products.

This is shocking to companies like us.  In as candid a moment I can explain, it’s literally like someone asking us if we add rat meat to our hamburgers!  Anyone who wants to have a reputable business and works with reputable suppliers would never have to worry or even have the thought enter their mind about whether or not there was rat meat in their meat supply.

It’s no different with Kava roots for us!

Kava roots are where the safe, effective parts of the plant exist.  With many generations of Kava growers, we take great pride in sustainably harvesting our Kava plants.  We know exactly how to harvest enough roots from a mature plant (at least 3-5 years old), without killing the plant.  We truly do enjoy the very Kava we sell to you, and it’s from that love of Kava that Kona Kava Farm operates and always has operated.

So, it doesn’t even occur to us, and it would never occur to us to use anything other than lateral and underground Kava roots in everything we proudly bring to you.  And, to tip our hats to other reputable Kava suppliers, any of the Kava companies on the Kava Marketplace, such as Paradise Kava, Bula Kava, and Root of Happiness Kava; they all take the same pride in their products, and would never dream of harvesting anything other than pure Kava roots for your safe, effective enjoyment.

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