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Kava CapsulesKava Capsules – Perfect Kava Choice

We have so many posts on all kinds of topics, but realized we don’t have many posts related to individual product types that we offer here on Kona Kava Farm.  One of those items is Kava Capsules.  Kava Capsules happen to be our #2 selling product, just behind Kavalactone Paste.  So, it’s about time we wrote a little bit about them!

Our top question about Kava capsules is whether they’re effective, and whether they’re a good choice for experiencing Kava.  The answer is a resounding “Yes!” – But, that comes with some conditions:

  • Not a lot of instant “kick” to them.
  • Great for helping alleviate pain
  • Great choice for helping fight anxiety
  • Great choice as a stress reliever

When we say that Kava Capsules don’t have a lot of “kick” to them, we often get customers who are looking to unwind after a long day at work, every once in a while.  Kava Capsules are probably not the best choice for this.  A stiff Kava drink would be much better for this purpose as Kava that is not in a capsule, will almost always have a much more noticeable instant effect.  Capsules are more of a long term solution, rather than an instant feeling of relaxation that Kava offers.

This isn’t to say that encapsulated Kava can’t have that instant gratification.  But, capsules take a while to dissolve in the stomach and to get into your system.  Kava is meant to be gulped rather than sipped.  So, a gulp of a Kava drink will hit your system all at once, and give you that instant feeling of calmness and pleasure that people often look for in their Kava.

Also, people sometimes order the Kava Root Powder Capsules and expect to feel an instant zing.  This is simply not the case, as the plain powdered Kava root capsules are meant more for a gentle addition to the bodily system, and one that will help you gently over a longer period of time.  They’re great for those who are very sensitive, or who are looking for the energy of Kava to get into their systems.

We’ve got lots of products that will give you that kick.  These include Kavalactone Paste, Instant Drinks, and the best choice; Powdered Kava Root.

As far as the capsules, we do have 2 main choices:

  • Powdered Kava Root Capsules
  • 30% Kavalactone Capsules

We’ve already mentioned the Powdered Kava Root capsules, let’s briefly mention the 30% Kavalactone Capsules.  These are great when you need something as strong as possible.  If you’ve got a lot of stress and want to know that there’s something powerful enough to make a dent in your stress or anxiety or pain, these would be the way to go.

Lastly, the big “plus” of Kava Capsules is the fact that there’s no mess, they’re super portable, and they’re easy to take.  You can definitely get an opportunity to feel the effects of Kava without having to make anything!  This is perhaps why they consistently are our #2 product here, ahead of powdered Kava root.  As always, give them a try knowing you’re covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below; I answer all comments within 24 hours.

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