Kona Kava Farm for Wholesale Kava



Yes, it's true; we do offer a kava wholesale program here at Kona Kava Farm. We offer a 25% discount across the shop. Further discounts apply for repeat customers and as volume increases. All we need is your company info, contact information, and either your Tax ID, or your reseller number, and we will set up an account for you. Then, a discount code will be created for you, and you can simply enter it into the "Coupons" section of the Shopping Cart whenever you order.

Also, if you are looking for kava wholesale, we like to make potential new business partners aware that all products are not the same. We go the extra mile with our products, by creating attractive packaging.

We do not private-label any of our products at this time, but may do so in the future. We pride ourselves in our unique kava kava, and like to offer it under our own brand name to prevent any confusion, and to help both us and you by further creating an identifiable brand name that people will look to when they are thinking of making a purchase.

There are lots of reasons to buy kava wholesale, besides the attractive savings opportunity buying in bulk offers! With the kava renaissance of the past few years, more and more kava-based businesses are springing up, including kava bars from California to Florida and as far north as Illinois! Dietary supplement manufacturers and retailers also want to find wholesalve vendors of kava who can provide a product that is organic, kavalactone-rich, and effective. Sourcing wholesale kava can even be handy for botanists and scientists researching the benefits of kava.

Finally, when you buy kava wholesale from Kona Kava Farm, know that you are supporting a small business dedicated to growing organic kava using sustainable farming methods. We look forward to having you as a distributor of our premium, all-organic, made-with-love-in-the-beautiful-Hawaiian-sun kava kava products!

Aloha no,