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Kava kava is exploding in the marketplace as the new hot dietary supplement, even though we have known about it here in Hawaii for thousands of years. We offer this library of well-researched articles to help educate you on the many benefits of kava kava.

This ancient plant has been a part of our culture for a long, long time, and kava kava is a staple amongst many peoples throughout the world, but especially those in Fiji and Hawaii. In fact, we don't know what we would do without our daily dose of fresh kava, taken right from the living plant itself, pulverized, and made into a strong drink that is difficult to recreate anywhere! It helps us get through our busy days, and helps us to rest at the end of it.

Rest assured that this isn't some new fad based on marketing hype; kava kava is here to stay, just as it has survived thousands of years in our culture. This is for good reason as well; it really works. We have found so many uses for this plant, and here at Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii, we want to share the best version of this plant with as many kind people as we can. By tasting kava, you will taste just a little bit of our culture and our rich history.