Kava Online

If you are looking to buy kava online, look no further. If you buy from us, you are buying direct from the farm, with no middle man, and no extra price increase. Also, when you buy from us, you are assured that you are getting the freshest kava available, because our stock is constantly rotating and being replaced with only the freshest roots harvested from our farm.

It's quite possible that the kava renaissance of the mid-2000s would never have happened were it not for the internet. The ability to buy kava online has enabled customers from as far away as Europe and North America to purchase and try kava. Online kava vendors represent by far the easiest way to try different strains of kava outside of the South Pacific.

Although you can buy and try kava at most health supplement stores these days, brick-and-mortar establishments typically only stock kava in a couple of simple forms, such as kava tinctures and capsules. Furthermore, a health store's kava products may have been sitting on the shelf for months at a time, which can reduce their kavalactone content. Vendors who specialize in kava can afford to stock a number of varieties for customers to try, as well as cutting-edge kava products like specially formulated drink mixes, kavalactone pastes, and even K-strips, which are paper strips infused with kavalactones that can be dissolved under the tongue or added to a hot beverage for quick relaxation. If you're looking for a more diverse range of kava strains, or specialty kava products such as kavalactone pastes and kava drink mixes, it makes sense to seek an online vendor that specializes in all things kava.

Online storefronts have also made it possible for small kava farmers to market their products worldwide without having to depend on middlemen. The low overhead costs associated with operating online enabled us at Kona Kava Farm, as well as many other small kava businesses, to market our products directly to you, rather than selling to a health food store or dietary supplement manufacturer.

Not only does this guarantee higher profits for kava farmers -- many of whom depend on kava for their livelihood -- it also means that you, the consumer, have access to fresher and more effective kava products. Buying kava online also lets you try different strains of kava that you might not otherwise encounter. Want to know the difference between a Mahakea and an Isa strain of kava? The answer can be a click of your mouse away!

With more and more shops to choose from these days, it can often be confusing as to who actually has the best product for the money. With the advent of the internet, it has become very easy for many unscrupulous companies to make whatever wild claims they want about their product, including ones that say theirs is the best and richest available.

If you are unsure about where to buy kava online, look to the company, see how long they have been in business, see if they have easy and obvious contact information, and look for testimonials from customers who you could contact. There are even blog sites about kava and kava culture that you can look to for information, including reviews of the various kava products and vendors out there. Finally, we are always here to answer any questions you might have at either 773-236-8149 , or by e-mail at [email protected].

Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you might have about which kava product is right for you. Remember that every body is different and kava affects each of us differently, so we may be unable to answer questions that are specific to you.