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  • Nutritional Content of our Vegan Chocolate
    This page has all the information about the ingredients and the nutritional content of our Vegan Chocolate, exclusively available from our farm.
  • A Brief History of Kava
    Throughout the Pacific Islands, which figure so prominently in our romantic literature, there is cultivated a shrub that produces a slightly bitter, slightly soapy, aromatic resinous brew capable of inducing tranquility and ultimate somnolence.
  • Preparing Kava
    In Vanuatu, the preparation of kava is a daily ritual. Every day kava is made fresh for the nakamals; it is never kept for a second day. Except on special occasions, kava preparation and drinking take place at dusk. The strength of kava is determined by three factors. The variety of species being used is of primary significance.
  • The Legend of Kava
    Pacific folklore has long associated the discovery of kava with sexual scenes. The most famous folktale concerning the origin of cultivated kava is the one that I'll now recount.
  • Kava In Oceania
    Kava is just starting to become well known and influential in the West, but it has been used ceremonially, socially and as a traditional medicine for thousands of years throughout Oceania.
  • Safety and Benefits of Kava Kava
    In 2002, the British Herbal Medicines Board released a review on the emerging benefits and safety profile of kava kava.
  • Kava: Nature's Answer to Stress
    Maybe we'd all be better off moving to Oceania, living under swaying palm trees, catching fish for dinner, and knocking coconuts down from trees for a snack. Instead, many of us live in an anxious, stress-riddled world.
  • Kava: The Peace Plant of Paradise
    In Oceania, kava occupies a central place in culture and custom. Kava is the name of both the plant Piper methysticum and a pungent beverage prepared from its roots.
  • Commentaries on Kava
    The study of kava is a treasure hunt which yields chests of gold at many turns, not just at the end of the quest. Kava's history and the interest generated by kava over the past two centuries are as colorful and broad as the plant is strong, and many who have described kava and its effects have done so with vivid imagination and lavish language.
  • Kava for Migraines?
    There are a number of treatment methods available for those suffering from migraine pain, but many of them have unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, by using kava kava and other herbal remedies, it is possible to relieve stress and muscle tension, thereby supporting your body to help with migraine headaches!

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