Kava Products

Kava kava is traditionally served steeped in cool water. You should never boil kava, as it will lose much or all of its activity in the heat. Even making a simple cup of hot tea can diminish the effectiveness of the kava root. Since kava is our business, at Kona Kava Farm, we've also made it our business to create faster, easier ways for you to enjoy our amazing kava root.

One of the unique kava products we offer is our kava elixir. These very compound-rich kava products are essentially liquid kava extract blended with small amounts of either fermented grapes or blue lotus flower petals. Our kava is harvested primarily from the lateral root, which is known to have a sweeter flavor, and the resulting elixirs are deliciously balanced and lack much of the bitterness that is usually associated with kava.

You might also want to try our kava kava kits. These kits come with the ingredients you'll need to make our favorite kava drink. The kits come with kava root, lemongrass, lecithin, a straining bag and instructions on how to make this delicious kava drink. Just add your own coconut milk, pop it all in the blender, and you're ready to go!

For kava products that add convenience without sacrificing the satisfying effects, try our kava pastes: these easy-to-use pastes come in two varieties, 55% full spectrum and 55% kavalactone paste. The full-spectrum paste contains the full range of kava kava's active kavalactones, while the kavalactone variety is a concentrate of two kavalactones, kavain and yangonin. Perfect to add to a kava drink or simply to take on their own for quick relaxation, these pastes are so concentrated that only 145 mg constitutes a single serving.

Interested in the aesthetic experience of kava but don't have the time to spend steeping and kneading the dried root? Then you might be interested in trying Kona Kava Farm's Instant Kava Mixes! Made with a powdered extract of our famed Mahakea kava, these kava drinks are truly instant and pack all the relaxing effects of a traditional kava brew into a form that only takes a minute to prepare. Our Instant Kava Mixes come in a variety of delicious flavors, such as Banana/Vanilla, Tropical, and Chai Spice, so there's something for everyone to love!

If you're just starting to experience kava or are more interested in the effects than the taste, we also have kava capsules and liquigels. These are the absolute most convenient forms of kava available, and they provide a quick and powerful kava experience. We are very proud of our kava products here at Kona Kava Farm, and we are always open to any and all questions you might have regarding the safety of kava and the best means for enjoying its effects. Check out our blog for plenty of kava information, or feel free to contact us with your own questions. If you've tried our kava and enjoyed it, we'd love to hear from you, too!