Kava as a Natural Aphrodisiac

There are many natural aphrodisiacs available on the market, but it's difficult to know which ones work. With so many new products available seemingly every day, the choice becomes more and more difficult. This is where we at Kona Kava Farm can help.

Kava is one of the most compelling and subtle herbal supplements for the support of healthy sexual function*. Some users have reported that kava inspires and deepens the passions of couples who are just getting to know each other, as well as those who are already passionate lovers*. This we have known in Hawaii for quite some time and are happy to share this well-kept secret with you today.

Kava has long been known to support the body's natural ability to relax, and more and more people are learning about kava and using it to help manage the stress of everyday life*. It's no wonder that kava is many people's preferred end-of-the-day libation, since it can help prepare them for a night of relaxed, flowing conversation, which often flows into other areas*.

The idea of kava as a natural aphrodisiac may have gained traction partly due to some of the myths regarding kava's discovery by humans. Many of the legends about the origin of kava have romantic or sexual connotations. The best example of this is a legend described by Chris Kilham in Medicine Hunting in Paradise, in which two sisters go out to peel yams by the water. Unbeknownst to them, a passing warrior left a kava plant in a crevice in the rock, where it starts to sprout and touches one of the women in an intimate place. After discovering the hidden kava plant, the sisters take it back with them. Eventually, they introduce the cultivated kava plant to the men of their village, who come to prefer it over the wild kava they had been drinking.

Traditionally served at social gatherings and celebrations such as weddings, births, and coronations, kava has long held the reputation of supporting a sociable and relaxed attitude amongst its drinkers*. In many South Pacific societies, young women and men of a village would be given the task of chewing kava root to soften it before brewing. This practice further suggests a symbolic connection between drinking kava and cultural concepts of youth and fertility.

Of all the natural aphrodisiacs we have found, such as maca root, damiana flowers, clavohuasca, or seven roots from Peru - although we may be biased because we are so passionate about our native gift from the Tiki gods - we have found no other natural aphrodisiac that supports healthy libido like kava root*. By supporting the body's natural resilience and ability to cope with stress, kava may help people relax and overcome the nervousness that can get in the way of intimacy*. Try it for yourself; if you are looking for a natural aphrodisiac, we recommend out instant kava drinks or the plain powdered root.

Rest assured that we organically farm all our crops here at Kona Kava Farm and that we are carrying on the traditional farming methods handed down to us from our forefathers, while still incorporating the latest organic farming technology and advances. We want nothing but the best for our kava crops, for they too are part of our family-run farm. We also want nothing but the best for our loyal family of customers, and we pour all this care into every crop we grow on Kona Kava Farm.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease.