Best Vegan Chocolate

With interest in the vegan lifestyle growing by leaps and bounds, in both the U.S. and elsewhere, a lot of people are wondering about a very basic question: what is the best vegan chocolate? After all, now that manufacturers have realized that people who are committed to a vegan lifestyle and diet don’t want to give up indulgences that others enjoy, the market for confections which contain no animal products is exploding. So, where can you get the best vegan chocolate? Now, obviously, I’m biased, but I truly believe that the best vegan chocolate is that which we sell here at Kona Kava Farm.

First, let’s start with the basics: our best vegan chocolate is made from nothing but pure cacao nibs and all-natural ingredients. These include organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, stevia, and just a dash or two of cane juice. Our chocolate products, vegan and non-vegan, never include processed or unnatural ingredients of any kind. After all, we eat quite a bit of our own chocolate -- yes, it’s that good! -- and since it goes without saying that we don’t want to consume artificial ingredients, we assume that you don’t, either. And really, with something as naturally delicious and wonderful as chocolate, how could processing and artificial ingredients improve upon it?

Second, there is the taste, which is, in a word, heavenly. Once you taste our best vegan chocolate, you won’t buy any other chocolate again. I’ve given little tastes and samples to pretty much all of my friends and family and not a single one of them has responded with anything less than sheer awe. Our vegan chocolate simply tastes so good that we actually have to keep a very tight rein on it here at the shop -- after all, no afternoon (or morning) snack is more enticing than all-natural, unbelievably delicious vegan chocolate.

Third, there is significant health benefit to eating Kona Kava Farm’s chocolate, undoubtedly the best vegan chocolate being produced today. As you can see from our nutrition facts page, our chocolate, besides being low in sugar and relatively low in calories, is comprised of, in total, nearly 90 percent pure dark chocolate! Unless your head has been in the sand for the past 10-15 years, I’m sure you’ve heard, at least in passing, of the potential health benefits ascribed to dark chocolate. Yes, it took quite a long time, but the medical community has finally come around to what many indigenous South American peoples have known for centuries -- that chocolate, in or near its pure form, is a superfood.

People who are unfamiliar with the concept of vegan chocolate often assume that you can't make chocolate without milk, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The essential ingredient in chocolate is cocoa butter, a plant-based product made from pure cacao nibs. In fact, making chocolate with milk is actually thought to decrease the absorption rate of flavonoids and other desirable consitituents in chocolate. For this reason alone, vegan chocolate made without milk or other animal products may really be the healthiest and most nutritious chocolate you can buy!

Many dark chocolate products clock in at around 70-80 percent cacao. Past about 70 percent cacao, however, chocolate tends to become rather bitter. Our chocolate is 87.5 percent pure cacao -- yet still has that perfect balance of sweetness, with a touch of bitterness. Additionally, our chocolate comes in the shape of chocolate chips, which makes it quite convenient for baking, and also for snacking right from the bag. Try our best vegan chocolate in your favorite vegan cake and cookie recipes, melt it to make truffles, pour it over vegan ice cream, or mix it with fruit and nuts for a hearty snack--the possibilities are yours to discover. If you like chocolate, it really doesn’t get any better than this, at least, not that I know of.

Finally, if you’re still not convinced, then for your examination I present our 5 percent price guarantee. If you are thinking of trying our best vegan chocolate, but are tempted by another manufacturer’s lower price, the solution is simple: we will beat any other seller’s price by 5 percent. For me, even if I wasn’t writing this article, that would pretty much seal the deal -- not only are we offering some of the purest, healthiest and tastiest vegan chocolate out there, we promise to sell it to you for at least 5 percent less than anyone else’s chocolate! So, if you’re interested in trying Kona Kava Farm’s best vegan chocolate, but have found a better deal somewhere out there, just let us know, and we’ll beat that deal by 5 percent.

I realize that you have no reason to take my word for any of this -- so don’t! Try a bag of our best vegan chocolate for yourself. If, however, you are inclined to take my word for it, then consider this: for about 7 years, I was a vegetarian (although never a vegan). When I again started consuming meat, I wanted to continue to include healthy vegetarian, and, if possible, vegan products in my diet. The problem for me was what I saw to be the substantially inferior taste inherent to most vegan products (if you’ve ever tried soy “cheese,” then you’ll know exactly what I mean). So, when I was presented with a handful of our vegan chocolate, to say that I was skeptical would be quite an understatement. And yet, that’s all it took -- one handful -- to make me a believer. I’ve never looked back, and neither will you.