Strong Kava

If you're looking for kava rich in kavalactones, look no further. There is more than just one study that supports what we here at Kona Kava Farm have known along; that not only is Hawaiian Kava the richest kava available, the particular strain that we grow on our farm (with a chemo type of 4-2-6) is the richest of the Hawaiian varieties.

Hawaii is most famous for the type of kava known as 'awa, a very strong kava variant that we grow organically on our farm, in addition our rich Mahakea strain. Our organic certification and all-natural growing methods allow for the full spectrum of the kavalactones to develop in the plant.

We grow our kava in fertile volcanic soil rich in micronutrients, eliminating the need for artificial fertilizers that can deplete the soil over time. By growing our kava without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or harsh chemical fertilizers, we here at Kona Kava Farm have ensured that our plants contain a broad range and high concentration of kavalactones and other desirable constituents. What this means is that when you buy kava from us, you'll receive a product of unparalleled richness.

Another way to gauge strong kava lies in the way it's prepared. Visitors who have been lucky enough to attend a kava ceremony in the South Pacific attest that there's no substitute for a kava brew prepared from the fresh root. When kava root is dried, a small amount of the kavalactone content escapes, meaning that fresh kava root will on average contain more kavalactones than the dried root. Although the difference is negligible to most, kava purists may want to obtain fresh kava root that has been frozen for shipping. Unless you live in the South Pacific, this is the easiest way to enjoy a brew made from fresh kava root that will deliver an authentic experience.

For those of us who aren't purists, there are still forms of strong kava that are also convenient and quick to use. Concentrated kava extracts and kavalactone pastes are simple to take and offer the same benefits as a conventional kava brew*. Here at Kona Kava Farm, we grow and sell our own organic kava to the public. In addition to kava drinks and kava-infused products, we also sell kava extract. Our extract makes it fast and easy to enjoy a kava drink anytime you like. Simply add the kava extract to any cold or warm liquid you want (hot liquid destroys the active ingredient), and you've got an instant source of relaxation and calm*.

It's also worth mentioning that some cultivars of kava are thought to be richer in kavalactones than others. For instance, there's Mo'i, a Hawaiian variety of kava that is especially rich in the kavalactone kavain. Mo'i was so highly prized at one time that only royalty and priests could consume it. Tudei kava, a strain from Vanuatu, has also been rumored to be an especially strong kava cultivar, though we believe our Mahakea kava beats it out in terms of kavalactone content while also being sweeter to the taste.

No matter what strain of kava you're interested in, buying kava that has been organically farmed is the best way to ensure you're getting high-quality kava rich in kavalactones. There are a lot of kava crops in the world now, and many are simply mass produced crops to make a quick buck. We feel that nowhere else than in the kava industry is it as critical to know the strain and origin of your kava kava, especially if you are looking for the richest kava you can buy. Here at Kona Kava Farm, we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that, for any reason, you do not feel our kava lives up to its claim, you can simply return your unused portion for a full refund, no questions asked.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease.