Where to Buy Kava

If you are wondering where to buy kava, look no further! You have found the source of the best kava in the world! If you don't believe us, simply look at the reports elsewhere on this site that analyzed the content of our kava, and found it to have the most desirable chemical lineup of any of the kava tested. Part of the reason we started our farm, was because we also wanted to know where to buy kava that was the same high quality that we were used to here on our beautiful island.

The Hawaiian Islands -- especially the fertile region around Hualalai Mountain that our farm calls home -- are often regarded as producing some of the richest kava available. This is due to the combination of a mild semi-tropical climate and volcanic soil rich in the micronutrients needed for kava to flourish. We use no artificial fertilizers or pesticides on our kava crops, and thanks to Hualalai's fertile microclimate, the only things our kava needs to grow are lots of sunshine and tender loving care!

When you're researching where to buy kava, it's important to consider both the source of the kava and the different forms it may be offered in. First of all, remember that when you buy organic, not only are you getting kava that is free of harmful chemicals, you're also supporting small kava-growing operations that are dedicated to sustainable farming techniques. Organic kava isn't just a better product, it's a more environmentally sustainable product. Furthermore, organic small-batch kava is usually fresher because it has a high turnover rate and hasn't spent as much time sitting on a shelf.

Different vendors also have different forms of kava available. If you're looking for a particular kava product, such as a kavalactone paste, tincture, or kava capsules, you might have to do some research to find the product that suits your needs. In our hectic modern world, more and more people are looking for quick and convenient ways to take kava, such as the easy-to-use kava capsules and Instant Kava Drink Mixes we offer at Kona Kava Farm. Many kava vendors don't offer this wide range of products, and some may only sell minimally processed forms of kava that must be prepared in the traditional, time-intensive manner. Of course, this is no problem for those who prefer the traditional kava experience and don't mind taking the time to make it happen!

When it comes to buying kava online, it's ultimately down to personal choice. Years ago there were no kava vendors with a product that met the high standards we were used to in our homegrown Mahakea kava. So we decided to open our own little shop on the Web, rather than only supplying a select few dietary supplement manufacturers. We never imagined the response would be as great as it was, though! Now, we have become the leading retail supplier of kava on the internet, and had to increase production on our farm to keep up with all the orders.

So, don't wonder where to buy kava anymore; your search has ended, in our humble opinion, in the best place you could have found. we will always be a small, family-run operation who cares deeply about the quality of our plants and our product, and we will always offer kava, fresh and direct from the farm to you, no matter how many orders we receive in a day.