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A Resurgence of Fear: Is Kava Really Dangerous?Friends,

It was a difficult decision with many trusted opinions, discussed over many cups of ‘Awa, but the decision was made: Our online retail business was growing too fast, and we were having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for our Kava. We tried to supplement our Kava with equally high-quality and personally-selected Kava from growers we trusted to make “Kona Kava Blended Kava” in 2012, but that was little short of a disaster.

Customers were unhappy, we were unhappy, some not-very-nice feedback was appearing on the internet, and we decided that we needed to re-think and re-group.

So, we realized that we really enjoy the retail side of the Kava business. We love the direct interaction with our customers, we love sending stuff off to our contract-manufacturer, who puts our treasured Kava Root into various pretty packages and crafts it into various products. We didn’t want to give that up completely.

Also, as fate would have it, the kind folks over at contacted us while we were contemplating what to do, and alerted us that they were going to create a Kava Marketplace, where many Kava Farms and Kava Suppliers would offer their products. They indicated they were interested in carrying our complete line of products, which means not only our Kava Kava products, but all of the chocolate products as well!

So, we came up with a compromise: We decided to stop taking credit cards on Kona Kava Farm, instead directing folks over to the Kava Marketplace at We’d still accept PayPal, which, we guessed, would reduce our monthly orders to a more manageable level.

We’re pleased to report that it accomplished just that! It’s simple to ship out our products to, they’ve taken to being retailers quite quickly, and we get positive feedback from those who used to be our customers, saying that they’re getting treated as nicely and as personally over there as they were here.

That means we get to focus on bringing you the best Kava in the world once again, which we’ve done since early 2013. Anyone who wants to shop for our entire product line, plus the product line of what was a growing number of Kava suppliers just as easily as they were able to here, can now do so over at and their beautiful Kava Marketplace.

Aloha no,

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