What’s This Kavalovetone Capsule?

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What's This Kavalovetone Capsule?Dana asked: I’ve heard a lot about “kavalovetone” which is supposed to be a replacement for the kavalactone liquigels that you’ve been out of stock on forever now. Can you give me more information about them? Have you received any customer reviews about them yet?

Makaira says: After many hours of research, utilizing a combination of science and alchemy to create an alternative for the 84% Kavalactone Liquigels that are not presently available, we came up with this exceptional product that uses 15 of the most pure extracts from some of the most relaxing botanical herbs available.

With moreĀ strength in our extensive testing than pure kavalactones, this herbal combination produces an extremely pleasant repose that lasts much longer than expected. Our “Kavalovetone 84% Capsules” are a skillfully combined dried liquid macerate of kavalactone and 15 other herbal extracts with a long history of use in social gatherings and religious rituals. Concentrated and encapsulated to have the exact same effects as full spectrum Kava Kava drinks, but in a convenient, easy to swallow capsule, we feel these are deserving of the Kona Kava Farm name. Hope this helps!

Aloha no, Makaira

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  1. Beth,

    Well, I suppose it’s good to have something stronger than you expected, so now you have more servings than you expected! As far as capsules, you can dump them out and simply split them up by eye. The ingredients of the capsules are VERY well-mixed before they’re placed into the capsules. You can then put the 1/2 serving back into the capsule using a simply homemade paper funnel, or yes, you can place it into a drink as well. The contents of each capsule have a shelf life of 2 years, so as long as you keep the opened capsule in something like a Ziploc bag, it will stay fresh and strong.

    Hope this helps!

    Aloha no,

  2. I just tried kava for the first time. I got the 84% capsules, b/c I underestimated how strong the effects were actually going to be! I should have gone with the 30%. Now that I have the 84% capsules, is there a safe way that I could split them, like could I dump half of it out and put it back together? Or could I put half of the powder in a drink?

  3. I love the kavalovetone capsules, they are very relaxing.

  4. As we say with all of our Kava products; not all of them are for everyone. We’ve had many hundreds of happy customers already for the new Kavalovetone Capsules, and we can’t seem to keep them in stock at the moment. But, as is often the case…folks often only feel moved to post comments when they’re unhappy rather than when they are happy, so this is why I want to make sure folks know this: We have our 100% Guarantee, so anyone is free to return the unused portion of their product for a refund or exchange. That’s just another way we try our best to make every customer a happy one! – Aloha no, Makaira

  5. I’ve only tried the recommended 2 capsules at a time, but have also felt nothing. I think I’ll give the paste a try.

  6. I’ve taken as many as 5 capsules at one time with various liquids (milk, egg nog, water, soda) before meals, between meals, etc…. and nothing. I felt absolutely nothing. I weigh 145 lbs and I’ve had the 84% liquigels and the 84% paste (same stuff i hear) before and small amounts of either product was sufficient to feel relaxed, talkative, and happy. I’d recommend getting the 84% paste over the capsules. Two or Three pea sized bits should have you feeling great (even one made me feel good).

    Summary: Capsules bad, paste good.

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