Kava Made Me Feel Wired – Why?

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Kava For Sleep and InsomniaEd asked: I tried Kava (30ml liquid drops) for insomnia and got quite the opposite effect. I lay in bed for an hour or so. Earlier that day, I took Claratin, which seems to wire me, so maybe that’s the reason. So, my questions are as follows: Should I give it time? – Should I take more? – Or should I try another type such as a liquigel?

Makaira says: By law, I am required to say this: We are not doctors and are therefore unqualified to offer any discussion or advice in relation to the questions you pose.  Noting we offer is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and any interactions between herbal supplements and any kind of medication whatsoever are not known, nor am I qualified to speak about it.

We have heard of many instances of folks taking a prescription medication that makes them “wired” and then trying to take kava capsules or kava tincture to offset the effects, but it doesn’t typically work that way. Although kava relaxes almost everyone who consumes it, there is a small percentage of people who experience the opposite effect. For example, when I consume “just enough”, I get a pleasant sense of well-being and a nice, relaxed sensation.

BUT, if I consume TOO MUCH of the wondrous root, I get a little nervous and anxious instead, which is not good if I am trying to get to sleep! I know myself and my tolerance quite well, though, and this rarely happens.

So, again; we are not doctors and cannot give medical advice, but as with any product, herbal or otherwise, it is up to you to experiment with what works best for your temperament and body type or to speak with your family physician regarding any concerns. To make it a fair test, you probably want to try it on a day when you have not taken any other medication. You might have a low tolerance for kava capsules or kava tincture and there is a chance you may want to start off with a smaller dosage. But this can only come with trying it for yourself and seeing what works best for you. Hope this helps!

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