Glutathione & Our Kava Products

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Glutathione & Our Kava ProductsWe sometimes receive questions about the chemical compound that seems to be “all the rage” right now called “glutathione,” especially in relation to protecting the liver from damage. Ever since the pharmaceutical companies succeeded in falsely linking kava root with liver damage, we field many questions regarding liver damage and kava.  So, below is the response I offer to those asking about glutathione, and thought it worthy of posting on the blog as well, in hopes of answering questions while dispelling myths at the same time:

We do not add ANY chemical compounds to our 100% pure herbal supplements because we wish to keep it that way, separating our exclusive products from the more mass-produced ‘pharmaceutical vitamin supplements.’ Kava in its pure form has been used in moderation for over 1000 years in Polynesia without ANY liver damage being reported by the folks who consumed it, often every day for many, many years.

Glutathione is actually a peptide that is naturally produced in the body so we do not see the need to add a man-made synthetic version to our supplements. It takes 3 amino acids for the body to manufacture glutathione, but our bodies turn foods into the substances needed to manufacture the 3 amino acids that produce glutathione. This is the natural method for the body to create glutathione. In fact, combining asparagus and watermelon (not necessarily at the same time) will make glutathione, as will many other food combinations.  So, live a healthy life by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and you will have all the glutathione you will ever need.

Also, liver damage with kava has been recorded only when taken in excess with alcohol or when the poisonous parts of the plant are used, such as the leaves. We never get anywhere near the poisonous parts of the plant in any of our products, but there is evidence of some commercial manufacturers of Kava products that DO use the dangerous parts of the plant. And that’s partly where Kona Kava Farm comes in: We are a small, family-run farm who produces Kava products for a growing number of stores and Kava Bars. We have over 100,000 customers and counting, and have been producing kava for ourselves and others for many generations, without a single report of illness of any kind. However if you are still worried about your liver, glutathione is very easily available as an over the counter tablet / capsule/ liquid supplement that can quickly be gulped down after taking any of our kava products.

Aloha no,


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  1. Bo,

    Thanks for the kind words. And actually, we are so behind in supplying Kava Bars at the moment! We dream of as many people as possible knowing about this ancient calming and healing herb for the body and the soul, but we are so busy at the farm growing what we feel is the world’s best Kava, that we have little time left to contact the growing number of Kava Bars in the world to supply with Kava.

    We are always looking for distributors, and have a Sample Pack as well as an informational packet regarding our products and the wholesale pricing for Kava Root and all of our other products. If you’re interested, just send off an e-mail, and we can discuss it further. Purchasing our product wholesale is a small minimum order (for wholesale) of just $250.00, and we ship the same day the order is placed.

    Hope this helps! Mahalo, Makaira

  2. Hi Makaira!

    Awesomely informative web site. The BEST in its field as far as I can tell. Your assortment of products are appealing, in my humble opinion. I noticed in an above post response that you supply to Kava bars and stores. Do you still do that? I think a lot more people need to experience this ancient, natural and pure creation from the Earth. I am quite popular in my neighborhood/city and would love to possibly sell this. I have been pricing Kava with various sources, but haven’t made up my mind yet. How do you go about supplying your Kava Bars and stores?

  3. We responded to this in 2008. Please look to the comment section of Kava – Worldwide Legal Status for the answer you’re looking for. Aloha no, Makaira

  4. I am concerned about the 2008 findings from the University of Sydney about kava causing liver damgae.
    I want to start drinking and selling kava but this study gives me pause… what do you think?

  5. I purchased your Blue Lotus Kava Root Elixir and WOW. I don’t believe any of the anti-Kava nonsense, and no one else I know does either. Thank you for your wonderful product. You can expect a lot of business from me from now on 🙂


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