Different Kava Products = Different Effects?

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Kava The HealerJan asked: I have been using wine, etc. to help with stress and falling asleep. I would like to stop this habit completely. I have ordered your instant cocoa and spice kava. Do you have any other suggestions for different kava products? Would the paste or liquid caps have been a better choice? I don’t miss the wine exactly; I miss the almost instant feeling of relief it provides. Thanks for any insights. I love your website!

Makaira says: We feel that the kava capsules and kava liquigels are better suited to pain management, as they don’t contain the full spectrum of plant alkaloids that whole, shredded, or powdered kava root offers. For an almost instant feeling of relaxation, we believe that pure powdered root with a dash of our pure kavalactone paste is always the best choice. Feel free to use one of our many recipes offered under the “Kava Recipes” section on the website as well.

The instant kava drinks (flavored powders) are great if you don’t want the fuss of dealing with making your own extractions, and can be quite effective. Of course, this farm has been part of our family for generations, and we just happen to be purists, so we can be a bit biased in our opinions sometimes, and feel that the best way to feel the joys of Kava is to come visit Hawaii and try some fresh root for yourself! 😉

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