Strong Soy Kava - Soy Kava Drink

Here is a favorite summertime Kava recipe from a customer.  It's simple to prepare and about as simple as a Kava recipe can get.  We've tried it and highly recommend the addition of a few ice cubes to make it an even cooler summertime treat:

1. Add 4 cups of spring water in a blender.
2. Add 4 big scoops (very heaping tablespoons) of kona kava root.
3. Blend for a good while (5 minutes, 10 minutes doesn't hurt).
3. Stop and add a few cups of any flavor soy milk you like.
4. OPTIONAL: Add a bit of raw honey or agave nectar or some chocolate syrup,
they go very well with soy milk and are great sweeteners to the kava itself.
5. Bend again so all the flavors combine. you can put in a few ice cubes to give the drink a nice texture.

No need to strain your Soy Kava Drink; just drink it down.  It's perfect for a summer evening out on the porch.  This recipe serves 2 people, or 1 person if enjoyed over the course of an entire evening...Alex

If you have any great kava recipes, please let us know.  If we like it we will post your idea and/or recipe and send off a free package of Kona Kava Powdered Root as thanks to you.