Kava Chameleon


-6 tbsp kava (powdered or shredded kava work great, but shredded is what I prefer)
-2 cups purified/spring water
-1 cup soy or rice milk (chocolate is especially good in this recipe)
-a few mint sprigs to taste (I use a large pinch per recipe)
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-ginger to taste (optional)

Let me first say that this drink is both strong and that it can be very spicy, so if you prefer a milder tasting drink (or a spicier one), you can adjust the spices to your own preference; I also like this recipe a lot because, though cold, it is a great relaxing drink for a night when you would enjoy a warm cup of tea.

In a blender, pour in the kava, water, soy milk and cinnamon and turn the blender on for just a few seconds to stir ingredients, then let sit for about 30 minutes (this is the reason I prefer shredded kava, the cinnamon seems to either pull out more kavalactones, or just adds a great effect to the kavalactones that make them even more relaxing [also note that if using powdered kava, you really only need to let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes]). After these ingredients have sat for long enough, turn the blender on high and leave on for about 3 minutes, then add the mind and ginger, if desired, and blend for another minute or two. Then you can either choose to strain the kava into a cup with a mulsin bag or leave the kava in and just drink everything to ensure that no kavalactones are missed.

Notes: This recipe is VERY STRONG, if you are not experienced with kava, either use less kava or do not drink all of this at once (this recipe is really intended for two people anyways).

If you have any great kava recipes, please let us know.  If we like it we will post your idea and/or recipe and send off a free package of Kona Kava Powdered Root as thanks to you.