French Press Kava Drink

This is a simple recipe that has worked amazingly well for me, and I thought I would share it with you:

1. Take 6 to 8 tablespoons of Kava powder and place in a FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKER.

2. Add cold water and stir

3. Let it sit for about 20 minutes till it starts to settle to the bottom

4. Press down French press plunger till it will go no further (slow steady pressure) the pour off the clear, pure, very concentrated drink.

5. Raise the plunger and add some more water and repeat until the drink is too weak to have any numbing effect on the tongue.

This is a great way to make Awa for a small group or keep it available for multiple doses (keep in fridge).

Try it. I think you'll like it.


If you have any great kava recipes, please let us know.  If we like it we will post your idea and/or recipe and send off a free package of Kona Kava Powdered Root as thanks to you.