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1/4 lb. bag Mahakea Powdered Kava Root Reusable Muslin Extraction Bag 1 oz bag of Instant Cocoa Kava Drink (6) 30% Kavalovetone Capsules 10% Coupon on your next order.

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Whew! - Where do I start?

We're so excited that Kava Kava (used safely for thousands of years) is becoming so popular!  We also realize it can be difficult to know where to begin, so, I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you:  I am Makaira; family owner of Kona Kava Farm, and interested in turning the world onto this wonderful, versatile herbal supplement!

So, besides offering lots of answers to kava questions on our FAQ, I have my Kava Kava Blog with the latest kava questions and updates.  And now, I offer this page here to answer your questions as well.   Lastly, I always respond personally to any e-mails: kavashop at konakavafarm dot com!

Top questions from first time Kava users

  1. I want as simple as possible and/or I only like taking capsules:
    We offer several products for this scenario.  We have our 30% Kavalactone Capsules as well as our KavaLOVEtone Capsules.  Both offer the benefits of kava kava without any mess, fuss or taste that many find is an "acquired" one.
  2. I don't mind making a drink out of kava, but I don't want the mess:
    For this, we offer our Instant Kava Drinks in a variety of flavors.  Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of the mix to water, and enjoy a kava kava drink in minutes!
  3. I want the FULL traditional Kava experience:
    For this, you can choose from ANY of our products offered here on the farm.  Your best choice would be the Powdered Kava Root with an added boost of our Kavalactone Paste. 
  4. I want the MOST EFFECTIVE Kava available: are in that group of folks who have a taste for adventure like I do.  Well; you came to the right place! - For a full-on kava kava experience, there is nothing better than the Powdered Kava Root that we offer here on the farm mixed with the Kavalactone Paste.  Or, if you're simply interested in feeling the full benefits that kava has to offer, we now have a Full Spectrum Kava Extract that will knock your socks off.  Please follow the instructions and use responsibly!
  5. I want my kava kava drinks to have more of an effect:
    Our strongest product is the 30% Kavalactone Capsules, our Kavalactone Paste, and our Full Spectrum Kava.  Please use all of these products carefully and responsibly.
  6. I want to see product photos of the items you offer:
    No problem! - Simply click on our Full Kona Kava Shopping Cart for photos and descriptions of all of our products.  We've got a full color catalog you can request HERE.

Where can I find out even more?

Our KAVA FAQ page answers all questions we've ever been asked, and has a handy "Strength Guide to Kava" as well.

 My KONA KAVA BLOG tells the story of Kona Kava Farm as well as me, my family, and all things related to kava including its safety and legality the world over and much more.  Feel free to join in and comment; I answer every one personally!

Our Hoodia gordonii has moved to its own page found in the Hoodia FAQ section.

Are your products safe?

We care deeply about what we  offer here at Kona Kava Farm. There is an extensive library of articles HERE to answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as additional links to helpful information HERE.