Which Kind of Kava Should I Buy?

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Kava - Healer and Houseplant!Misha asked: Hi, I have just learned about kava tonight and I am really interested in taking it. I’m 21 and have heard and seen just too many negatives about alcohol. So I’m lookin’ to try something else. I was wondering what I should buy (powder, chai mix, etc.) to start with, and which would last me the longest because I don’t want to keep re-buying it every week. The 1 pound bag of powder at 2-4 tbs per cup of juice sounds like it will last many nights. What do you think?

Makaira says: This is a difficult question to answer, since every single person and body can be so different from another, and every body will react differently to different kava products. For me, when there is no fresh root available, my favorite combination is 6 tablespoons (I can’t advise using this much, though, due to the new FDA regulations) mixed with a pea-sized amount of kavalactone paste. This gives my drink the extra kick it needs, and both the freshly powdered root and the kavalactone paste last me a long time.

But you need to see what works best for you, and which taste you prefer. Kava’s effects last about 45 minutes, but, you are able to take a “booster” drink in 45 minutes which will continue your pleasant and relaxed feelings throughout the ceremony (or evening). Hope this helps!

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  1. Just when we thought we heard everything! Well, we’ve been told that we’re not legally qualified to confirm your findings, but I can say that from a long history of use throughout all of Oceania, Kava isn’t just for pleasure. It’s been used for all kinds of ailments; not just back pain or sleeplessness, but for helping to do exactly what it seems as though it may have done for you. Like so many other things with Kava; information has been repeatedly suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industry and demonized by the media. And, since Kava has proven to be so safe and so effective…it makes complete sense that it would be. So, it’s always refreshing to hear stories such as yours. Kava has been in my family for as many generations as I can remember, and it’s been an integral of our medicine cabinet as well as our bar (our kava bar, of course!). Aloha, Makaira

  2. a nice possible! side affect me and my wife have just started taking kava and have ben going for fertility tests as we would like a baby it turns out one of us had caught chlamydia there was the bactiria preasant but it did not require treatment and the doctor was convinced we had alredy been treated we have never been treated but some basic research on the net shows that kava used to be used to treat ghonnareha .. i belive that the kava cured the chlamydia and wish i could prove it .

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