Shredded or Powder – Which is Better?

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Shredded or Powder - Which is Better?Mike asked: Your kava is definitely the best I have tasted of the five or six kinds I have had. It is also the second strongest kind that I have had (I had some Mo’i kava which, although even stronger, was much more difficult to drink). Anyway, the first time I bought kava from you, I was very surprised with how finely ground it was. I put it in my strainer the way that I did with kava in the past but nearly all of it ended up in the water.

I drank it anyway and found it good aside from when I got to the end of the bowl and it was powdery. I just added some more water and was able to drink it. I think with it finely ground like that and consuming nearly all of it, the strength was increased. Besides that, I am lazy and not having to strain it (I just stopped using the strainer) was definitely a convenience.

The second time I ordered some, the kava from the third bag was a little less fine.  Drinking it without straining is more difficult.

My question is, is this an anomaly or are you reducing the fineness of your kava from now on?

Makaira says: We have gone back and forth on the fineness of our kava powder. At first, we offered shredded roots, but it was difficult to get a strong drink from it, and it was difficult on blenders! Then, we tried tea-cut, which is the one bag that you got, but still, our customers wanted it finer. So, we ended up with the powder we have now.

We may switch back and forth from time to time, but we will always offer both if we decide to do that. 85% of our customers prefer the present powder fineness that we have now, so we plan to stick with that for a long time.

You are correct in saying that the finer the powder, the stronger the drink, and the less kava wasted.  The only downside is that the drink may be a little more “chalky” , but this is a small price to pay for the wonderfully pleasant effects of kava. Hope this helps! – Aloha no, Makaira

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  1. Dear Carroll,

    I sometimes notice that WordPress, which I use to post this blog, runs a little slowly. There doesn’t seem to be a problem at present, though! I hope it’s sorted out on your end as well. Thank you for visiting!

    Aloha no,

  2. I’m not sure why but this website is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  3. Jessi, So thrilled you’ve discovered this natural herbal relaxer that we’ve known about for thousands of years! I always tell people to buy the Kava that matches the level of involvement you want to have with your Kava experience. All of our “Styles” of Kava will be as strong as the others, but we offer a variety to make it as easy as possible for as many as possible to enjoy this stress reducing herb.

    So, if you like the ritual of preparing your Kava, go for the powder and a muslin bag and blend and filter away! If you want to taste your Kava, but don’t want to deal with the preparation, then go for the Instant Kava Drinks. If you want an extra “kick” to your drinks, get some Kavalactone Paste to mix in or to eat right out of the jar. If you just want to experience the pleasant effects of Kava, get any of our encapsulated Kava.

    Hope this helps! Aloha no, Makaira

  4. I have a quick question, they had a segment on our local news about Kava, I’ve never heard of it before and now I’m very interested:) Anyway, I’m one of those who likes to chill out in the evenings and have a glass or two of wine, and I’m wanting to try Kava for this same reason. What do you reccomend I purchase from your store? I wasn’t sure if I should get the capsule form or the powdered form, please let me know so I can make my purchase ASAP:) Thanks so much!!!

  5. Lee,

    We’ve had many questions on this very topic, and have 2 threads we can point you that might be of help to you. One specifically discusses using Kava for Dreaming, and the other talks about restful sleep by using kava.

    They can be found in the “Can I Use Kava for Dreaming?” and the “Different Kava Products = Different Effects?” posts. Feel free to use the search box to the right and simply type in “dreaming” or “dreams” to get a list of articles relevant to this topic.

    Aloha no,

  6. I am interested in kava for dreamless sleep. What kind should I order? How much should I drink before bedtime? I never feel refreshed in the morning because I DREAM ALL NIGHT LONG. They are never frightening dreams, just never-ending. Thank you, Lee Pentchev


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