Do Kava and St. Johns Wort react together?

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Do Kava and St. Johns Wort react together?TY asks: Do Kava and St. John’s Wort react together?

Makaria says: This is great question, and we have a very simple answer that we are required to say, by law: we are not doctors and are not allowed, by law, to offer such advice or information, sorry. Please contact your doctor and ask him/her the same question, and he/she should be able to answer it for you. I wish I could help you more, but this is all I am allowed to offer. Personally, I have used these exact two herbs together, with no noticeable side-effects, but I am certainly no doctor, so my advice cannot, in the law’s eyes, be trusted! I guess our 3,000 year history of safe use of this miraculous plant doesn’t count for much with the governments of the world! 😉

Aloha no,


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  1. Dear Willie,

    Well, thank you! 🙂 I’m not married, but I am seeing someone. Thank you for your interest, though! Here are some answers to at least a few of your questions.

    1. I usually add 2-4 tablespoons of kava root powder, depending on the time of day and how relaxed/stressed I am. I often use coconut or almond milk to prepare the beverage, and sometimes add in soy lecithin if I want an extra kick. I do find that the fat helps to extract the kava.

    2. I especially love to listen to traditional instrumental music after drinking kava. Traditional Hawaiian music is wonderful. I also really enjoy north African music, such as that of Ali Farka Toure – beautiful music like this really helps to enhance the kava experience!

    3. After consuming kava, I usually like to spend time conversing with friends and family and relaxing in a beautiful natural setting.

    4. I usually find the effects of kava alone to be more than pleasing!

    5. We cannot allow visitors to the farm at this time, as we are usually incredibly busy.

    6. Leaving kava to soak overnight is not necessary, and may result in an oversteeped beverage that might be too bitter to drink.

    7. My favorite way to take kava, honestly, is to prepare it traditionally using water and a muslim bag! This way you get the best taste of the kava itself.

    8. I suppose our family secret is the traditional method! It’s not much of a secret, but it’s worked for us for generations! 🙂

    Enjoy your kava!

    Aloha no,

  2. Yo first of all i would like to say M(r)s. Makaira your a total babe . Are you married hah Joke! OK on a more serious note May i ask a few questions which you are not by anymeans obligated to answer if it causes legality issues.
    1. How much powder do YOU typically add to water and do YOU typically add a fatty liquid as i hear this helps extract the kava if so then What?
    2. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to after consuming kava
    3. What activities do you like to partake in after the consumption of kava
    4. Are there any other substances you enjoy to strengthen the kava experience?
    5. Do you allow visitors to your farm by any chance im ever in the area?
    6. would Leaving kava soaking overnight increase the amount of kava extracted into the beverage or is the magic 5 mins standard plenty of time
    7. Last i see there are several different recipies listed on your website but could you please tell me what is your favorite non flavored way to naturally enjoy kava
    8. LastER haha! do you have any family secrets to increasing the potency of kava beverage or a favorite way of using the kava root powder?
    I have recently purchased a Lb of your root powder and a muslin bagand am very eager for its arrival. Your answers would be much appreciated in that I know your experienced and probably know the best way to enjoy kava!!!
    Like i said if you have policy against publically answering any of the following Q’s just shoot me an email 🙂 A LO HA! haha always wanted to say that Cya -Will

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