Is Kava an Aphrodisiac?

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The Love of Nature - Natural AphrodisiacsAnother popular question here at the farm, “Is kava an aphrodisiac?” The short answer is “YES!”, kava can be a GREAT aphrodisiac for both the mind AND the body!

First, it is quickly becoming a well-known fact that Kava Kava is known as the “anti-shyness” herb, and this, dear readers, is for good reason. One of the many amazing benefits of kava, is that it can be so relaxing without drowsiness, putting one in a more open and comfortable state, quite conducive to both initiating conversation with a potential partner or with a long-time lover. It also can increase a sense of euphoria, without losing any of your wits or your faculties as alcohol so often can. So a kava kava aphrodisiac is certainly not out of the question!

We have seen many new relationships blossom in the presence of a couple of coconut shells full of fresh kava, and it is always a joy to see.

As far as physical effects, kava can have a direct stimulating effect on the sexual organs if consumed in somewhat larger quantities. Although we natives have known about this for years, using Kava Kava in this way with quite pleasurable and interesting results, the FDA has issued guidelines that restrict kava intake to very small amounts, so we would never recommend that anyone exceeds these recommended amounts of kava.

But in my opinion, our Kava tradition is one of the reasons we are so relaxed on the island; we are well fed in all areas of our lives, and this can only lead to a more pleasurable time when experiencing all that this strange and wonderful life has to offer.

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